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Join hundreds of illuminated minds on the barge “La Louisianne Belle” in Paris on November 22nd and expand your knowledge of emerging optical and material science trends impacting product design. The lighting revolution is underway as manufacturers scramble to tap resources and technology to compete in the global marketplace.

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The fourth annual LMD Conference reconnects key suppliers and OEM’s to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing in a premier setting. This year, the conference supports advanced technology sessions in optical research, material science and design integration of advanced concepts.

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The simulation & virtual reality will showcase advanced technologies to support early decision making strategies. The LMD conference highlights global markets in Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Heavy Truck and Construction, Consumer Goods, Architectural Lighting, Energy & Solar, Military & Defense and more… From exhibits to lectures, if you’re a bright light this is your place to shine!

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Overall Topics


The innovative uses and applications for lighting in design environments. Lighting is becoming a brand strategy and the uses for lighting in design have drastically changed


Material choice is key to a product design. The surprises and changes in material choices are numerous, but just as overwhelming is the advancements in the materials themselves.


Design applications and programs are popping up every day! The possibilities are endless and we would like to explore new techniques and applications.


Technology plays a huge part in a designers life. The advancements in graphics, computing and software are dynamically affecting the product designs we are currently working on.